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As Best Dietician in Surat, Ahmedabad (Online), I always suggest you healthy eating diet plans and charts according to your lifestyle, as per your office or home daily routines, your eating habits, your meal choice, your eating timings as per your hunger timings i.e. We are providing you totally customized as per your body needs.

We provide 24/7 support from our experts with the help of Phone, Emails, Whatsapp etc. to help you when you need us the most. Under our Weight Loss Diet Programs, we will train your body to lose extra fat and continue to have a leaner body even after you end your plans.

Once you join us, our Expert – Dt.Neelam: Awarded as "Best Dietician in Surat, Ahmedabad (Online)" – will be a friend of you for lifetime..!

We give online diet consultancy with weight loss diet plans, for the clients who cannot visit us because of a busy schedule. You will be under the observation of Best Dietician in Surat, Ahmedabad (Online),

Our expert Nutritionist believes in Total nutrition balance diet, through which you can lose your extra body fat and be in good shape. Our simple and easy to follow diet charts & plans include – no fancy foods, no crash foods or no supplements, you eat food straight from your kitchen.

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Dt. Neelam Dhanagar

If You searching for consultation dietitian In surat, ahmedabad (Online), for online consultation, Neelam Dhanagar is the one you can contact at Diets & More. Her experience and knowledge have helped a number of patients to adopt a healthy life. All her diet plans are easy to adopt and will give you results in no time. She is undoubtedly the best and experienced Nutritionist and Dietician In Ahmedabad (Online), Surat.

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Balance Diet

balance diet is best diet program for weight lose,gain & weight maintenence , diet is modified according to your lifestyle . No starvation , food is given in balance form in frequent time of 2-3 hours , all food groups are added to your whole day regime , result is you achive your goal with happiness , you do not feel that you are on diet.


diet is not about starvation and tasteless food . Diet is about give your body nutritious food to nourish your body and to be fit long time. Diet is often reffered to as some dietary regimen for losing weight . However diet is simply means what food we eat in the 24 hours 1 week or 1 month period . A good diet is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health a good diet must includes several food groups becouse 1 single group can not provide everything a human needs for good health.