'Dt. Neelam Dhanagar Dietician provides online diet consultation for services like: Weight Loss Program, Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Weight maintenece, PCOD, Thyroid Management, Blood pressure management, Gestrointestinal disorders, Cholesterol Management, Diabetes Management, and Diet for Diabetes, Liver disorders, Diet for healthy skin,hair and nails, Diet for Hypertension, Diet for Nursing Mothers & Diet during Pregnancy, Diet for Teenagers and other disease management.'

Weight Loss

Personalised Diet Plan

Daily followup

Motivate to achieve towards goal

Give knowledge about diet

Result base diet

Price List

3 months -5000

4 months-6000

5 months-7000

6 months-8000

7 months-9000

8 months-10000

9 months-11000

10 months-12000

12 months-14000

Diet services

Weight loss

Weight gain

Weight maintenece






Liver disorders

Gestrointestinal disorders

Diet for healthy skin,hair and nails