balance diet is best diet program for weight lose,gain & weight maintenence , diet is modified according to your lifestyle . No starvation , food is given in balance form in frequent time of 2-3 hours , all food groups are added to your whole day regime , result is you achive your goal with happiness , you do not feel that you are on diet.

diet is not about starvation and tasteless food . Diet is about give your body nutritious food to nourish your body and to be fit long time. Diet is often reffered to as some dietary regimen for losing weight . However diet is simply means what food we eat in the 24 hours 1 week or 1 month period . A good diet is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health a good diet must includes several food groups becouse 1 single group can not provide everything a human needs for good health.<

There is many conflicts about weight loss, actualy healthy weight loss is fat loss. which is not shown on weighing scale, its describe only by your BCA ( Body Composition Analysis) Report , BCA shows your body fat , v fat , muscle weight. so when you going for a weight loss programme , done your BCA frist , and done your BCA Test in every 15 days which show your result how much percent you follow the diet , if you follow currectly BCA show you positive result like your fat is down from last BCA , Your muscle will up from last BCA , Your v-fat is also down if it is high in frist BCA. so the concept of weight loss is should be change from everybodys mind that weight loss is not good , becouse our weight is composition of FAT+MUSCLE+WATER , so if you only want to loose your weight , you lost your muscle or water also , which is not good way to loose weight , a healthy weight loss should be from your fat , not from your muscles and body water. Update (12:19:15) Balance diet

Yes its true that your body shape depend on your meal pattern, breakfast should be like a king , lunch like a normal person and diner like a poor , it means your breaKfast should be full and lunch is smaller then breakfast and diner is more.